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Car Review: 2011 Mitsubishi Asx Features & Specifications

2011 Mitsubishi Asx - I exactly don’t instruct these weekend warriors. Why pass fourth dimension punishing your body on weekends when you’ve already pummeled it plenty doing a week’s stint inwards hell (i.e. work)? Why wheel 50 kilometer trails or scuba dive inwards shark-infested waters (maybe) when you lot tin merely melt into your couch amongst chips in addition to a cool drinkable inwards hand? Though it sounds similar it, I’m non promoting a sedentary lifestyle. I exactly don’t instruct these adventurous, adrenaline-loving folks. So, imagine my reaction when Mitsubishi launches a vehicle that’s supposedly tailor jibe for the adrenaline junkie: the ASX—short for Active Sport Crossover.

At starting fourth dimension I was puzzled; afterwards all depending on which way you lot hold back at it, the ASX is either a Lancer EX on stilts or a 9/10 scale Outlander. In fact, the ASX does percentage the Outlander’s stance, styling, interior bits—indeed, its rattling platform. However, the initial puzzlement turns to excitement. What nosotros accept hither is a stroke of engineering in addition to marketing genius every bit the ASX slots comfortably in-between the entry-level crossover/SUV in addition to top-range compact automobile markets.

From the outside, the ASX sure turns heads amongst its angry countenance starting fourth dimension seen inwards the Outlander in addition to used to such dandy lawsuit on the Evolution X in addition to its Lancer EX brethren. The beady eyed headlamps flank the gaping, jet-fighter inspired grille that lends the ASX some swagger every bit exercise the sharply creased lines that sweep upwards on the ASX’s sides. Unfortunately, the raise looks markedly truncated amongst the roofline terminating in addition to hence shortly behind the raise doors. Though it lends the ASX a rattling avant-garde look, this doesn’t exercise wonders for cargo space.

Inside, the Lancer/Outlander subject continues which isn’t a bad matter at all. It’s minimalist in addition to serious. There’s no greyness or beige inwards here, exclusively dark in addition to slivers of silverish trimmings sprinkled about. The gauges hold back stunning in addition to direct to the indicate amongst the deeply dinnacled distich of tachometer in addition to speedometer. The fuel, temperature in addition to trip reckoner are displayed on a yummy multi-colored shroud flanking the 2 principal gauges. With a tilt/telescopic steering wheel (the starting fourth dimension for a Mitsubishi), it was extremely slow to discovery a comfortable driving topographic point despite the seat’s express adjustment. Typical of crossovers, the ASX’s seats are mounted amongst a high hip indicate making ingress/egress slow spell providing splendid visibility all throughout. The touching on shroud AVT organisation creates a dandy Star Trek-like atmosphere, at the expense of tactile operation. More than once, you’ll discovery yourself mis-pressing buttons.

Because of the ASX’s in-between sizing, infinite isn’t 1 of this car’s rigid suits. There’s no employment amongst the forepart occupants, but the raise accommodations tin barely crush three. The bench is quite brusque likewise in addition to has barely plenty articulatio genus room fifty-fifty compared to its Lancer EX brethren. The tall in addition to shallow luggage compartment may travel able to swallow regularly-shaped items such every bit cartons in addition to boxes, but the 384 liters of infinite is yet quite limited. Thankfully, Mitsubishi provides some flexibility amongst raise seats that split-fold inwards a 60/40 ratio in addition to a raise armrest that has a body pass-through for long objects.

Twist the cardinal (or press the Smart Key’s engine start button), in addition to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine whirrs to life to settles to a placidity in addition to fifty-fifty idle. The 4B11 all-aluminum engine’s shared amongst the Lancer EX but loses v 5 ps for an fifty-fifty 150 ps rating. Revved hard, the double overhead cam engine doesn’t run out of breath thank you lot to the MIVEC valve timing system. However, every bit the tachometer spins upward by 5,000 rpm, the engine’s song tin travel coarse. There are 2 transmissions available a CVT or a five-speed manual depending on which variant you’re getting. If the manual sounds a fleck retro these days, it’s perfectly adequate for our roads. Still, budget permitting, I’d popular off amongst the CVT. It gives a shift-shock gratis functioning plus it’s perfectly paired amongst the engine in addition to comes amongst steering wheel mounted paddle shifters too.

The ASX’s chassis sounds promising amongst disc brakes in addition to independent intermission on all 4 corners. The ASX provides surprisingly skillful in addition to precise manners through tight corners amongst exclusively numb (comfort-oriented perhaps?) steering hampering the entire experience. Retaining the Outlander’s 2,670 mm wheelbase spell trimming downwards weight in addition to slicing off the raise overhangs should translates to sharper responses through sweeping roads in addition to transition maneuvers, but the ASX behaves amongst heavy nether steer. Understandably, it’s safer this way but tin trim down the fun-to-drive factor. Nonetheless, for 99 percentage of the time, it’s enjoyable in addition to exhibits a much to a greater extent than comfortable ride than the Lancer EX.

There are 3 variants of the ASX: the GLX manual (P1,145,000), GLS CVT (P1,255,000) in addition to GLS SE CVT (P1,498,000). Only the top-line GLS SE gets a four-wheel drive system. The organisation is controlled via a middle console knob amongst 3 modes: 2WD, 4WD Auto in addition to 4WD Lock. In 4WD Auto, the reckoner determines when to feed mightiness to the raise wheels, spell the lock mode engages all 4 wheels for low-traction situations. But earlier you lot create upwards one's hear to hitting the trails, travel warned that the ASX exactly has a little Blue Planet clearance: 195 mm. This way the ASX is suited for at worst, low-cal gravel or muddied driveways.

In add-on to the 4WD, the top-line GLS SE has other interesting features. These include stability control, colina start assist, HID headlamps, steering-wheel good controls in addition to 7 airbags. The AVT amusement organisation non exclusively plays CD in addition to DVDs but provides an input for your iPod. In addition, the GLS SE is the exclusively 1 inwards its aeroplane to offering a GPS-based navigation organisation every bit criterion (it’s available every bit an selection on the lesser variants). There’s some noticeable lag on the touching on screen, but otherwise, it’s versatile. But mayhap the coolest characteristic is the Smart Key keyless functioning organisation amongst a push-button engine start/stop button.

Although the Mitsubishi ASX is marketed every bit the automobile for direct a opportunity lovers, inwards reality, it’s to a greater extent than than that. It’s a dandy automobile for exactly well-nigh anyone from junkies to couch potatoes. Surely, you lot tin opt for a to a greater extent than traditional crossover out there, but they’ve popular off larger, heavier in addition to to a greater extent than sedate to drive. The ASX is surely something dissimilar in addition to downright fashionable inwards this segment. What’s more, it has a boatload of convenience features which sure makes it tempting.


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Car Review - Toyota Mildly Refreshes Alphard Luxury Mpv Features & Specifications

Photos courtesy of Toyota Press
Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) placed roughly other plume on its cap past times launching a nipper refresh of its superb Alphard luxury minivan amidst the busy vacation shopping flavour at the Bonifacio High Street inward Taguig City.

Already deemed the best Premium Van too MPV of the Year at the 2010-2011 Car of the Year – Philippines (CoTY – P), the novel Alphard does non mess amongst the tried too tested formula of blending luxury too spaciousness. Instead, it forthwith gains to a greater extent than agency amongst a novel forepart grille amongst iv prominent chrome slats, projector-type headlamps amongst washers, alloy bicycle pattern too re-shaped bumpers.

Named later a star inward the constellation Hydra, the Alphard has been a vivid too shining star inside the Toyota line-up, selling to a greater extent than than 280 units since its launch. Following the pattern motif of “majestic flagship”, the Alphard boasts of a alternative betwixt 2 powerful notwithstanding fuel-efficient engines: the 2AZ-FE 2.4-liter 4-cylinder 16-valve too the 2GR-FE 3.5-liter 6-cylinder 24-valve. Equipped amongst Toyota’s VVT-i technology, these engines force out 167 PS too 275 PS respectively patch coming together strict Euro 4 emission standards. The 4-cylinder variant is mated to a 4-speed automatic patch the 6-cylinder version has a 6-speed automatic.

Inside, the Alphard comfortably seats seven people cheers to its generous dimensions (LxWxH: 4,850 mm x 1,830 mm x 1,905 mm) too wheelbase (2,950 mm). The forepart too second-row seats characteristic powered actuation amongst a luxurious ottoman configuration for those sitting on the mo row. Natural leather covers all rows patch generous woods paneling gives a spacious too homey feel. Dual Luna roofs that bridge the entire length of the cabin also come upward equally criterion equally create powered opening/closing sliding doors too tailgate too tri-zone climate control. For long drives, the Alphard serves high-fidelity amusement through its 10-speaker system. The 4-cylinder variant has a 6-disc in-dash CD/MP3 changer amongst an auxiliary well jack too Bluetooth hands-free telephone vociferation upward functions. Meanwhile, the 6-cylinder has a to a greater extent than sophisticated well organisation featuring a NXT navigation organisation along amongst DVD too USB playback.

In the security front, the all Alphard variants come upward amongst an array of both active too passive security features. The projector-type headlamps characteristic active swiveling High-Intensity Discharge (HID) depression beams amongst automatic low-cal control. The wipers also characteristic rain-sensing technology. The Alphard also has seven airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS) amongst electrical brake forcefulness distribution (EBD). And to maneuver through tight spaces, clearance too reversing sensors on both forepart too back.

As of press time, the Alphard’s listing cost remains unchanged: P 2.790-million for the 2.4-liter A/T too P 2.980-million for the 3.5-liter A/T (additional P 15,000 for the White Pearl coloring for both variants).

The Toyota Alphard, similar its namesake, is a constant reminder of Toyota Motor Philippines’s rigid presence inward the automotive market. So appropriately, TMP has also announced roughly milestones from their 2011 operations.

Despite having its render chain hampered because of the Great East Nippon Earthquake inward March too the recent floods inward Thailand, operations at the Sta. Rosa found has forthwith been normalized. In fact, production has resumed its two-shift functioning since Nov 28. TMP has also achieved several milestones during the mo semester. They accept achieved 700,000 units of accumulated sales terminal September, its largest single-month sales of 5,895 units terminal Oct too record-breaking commercial vehicle sales of 4,293 units terminal November. All inward all, they are on rails to internet notwithstanding roughly other Triple Crown achievement—the 10th consecutive yr it has done so.

As Toyota Motor Philippines winded downwardly a challenging 2011, it is looking at 2012 amongst bold ambitions. Starting amongst the refreshed Alphard, TMP volition hold out offering a slew of novel too refreshed vehicles inside the year. Indeed, something to await frontward to inward the Year of the Dragon.

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Car Review - Honda Dealers Taking Orders For All-New Civic, Refreshed City

Any eagle-eyed motorist volition start out to notice signs beingness placed at all Philippine Honda dealerships starting today. In it, they're announcing that they're taking inwards pre-orders for the all-new Honda Civic equally good equally the re-freshed City.

This is a flake of skilful word considering Honda Cars Philippines has suffered tremendously inwards 2011, peculiarly inwards the latter one-half cheers to provide problems because of the wide-spread floods inwards Thailand.

Click later the interruption to notice out to a greater extent than details virtually these ii novel cars from HCP.

Though details virtually the all-new Civic are nonetheless non widely available, nosotros exercise promise it's a much meliorate offering than the North American marketplace position Civic which has been described equally tedious as well as uninspired past times to a greater extent than than ane motoring scribe.

The re-freshed City is already beingness displayed at the Honda Thailand website as well as hither are around details:

It's apparent that the novel City volition liberate the matte greyish robotic grille as well as inwards its house is a novel chrome chore alongside 3 horizontal slats. There's too a revised bumper pattern that looks sportier than the master copy model. Over at the back, the City volition too gain a novel tail light design. It's capped off past times a novel alloy bicycle design. Inside, the City volition too gain novel fabrics for the seats, novel blue-lit instrumentation as well as steering bicycle mounted controls for around models.

Under the hood, the City makes purpose of the same 1.3-liter as well as 1.5-liter i-VTEC engines mated to either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic.

Philippine dealers are already taking orders for the all-new Civic as well as City. Head over to Honda Cars Philippines' official website to locate the dealership nearest you.

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Test Of Human Being Together With Machine: Ford Focus Endurance Challenge

Photos past times Mikko David
It just piques your involvement when y'all have an invitation from Ford labeled ‘Top Secret’; after all, it ever implies something exciting. So with the giddiness of a 10-year onetime kid, I clicked ‘open’ together with lo together with behold: it’s an invitation to race—to race for 12 non-stop hours behind the cycle of a Ford Focus TDCi. With thoughts of the glitz together with glamour of the 24 Heures du Mans (‘24 Hours of Le Mans’ for the non-French speakers out there), I instantly did my best impression of Steve McQueen, replied yeah together with encircled my June 4-5 with a big, vivid ruddy circle.

Of course, this isn’t your ordinary endurance race. If this were, it would live a walk inward the green since I was teamed with veteran drivers extraordinaire: Eggay Quesada (Stoplight TV), Brian Afuang (The Manila Times) together with Ira Panganiban (Business Mirror). The rules for the Ford Focus TDCi Challenge are simple: create the most publish of laps piece sipping the to the lowest degree amount of fuel. There are some fine prints inward the rules such every bit mandatory pit stops, driver changes together with designated overtaking spots, but I won’t bore y'all with those details. What’s of import is that in that place are 4 teams inward identical Ford Focuses. And speaking nigh the Focus, we’re running bone-stock TDCi cars with thirty PSI loaded on all 4 corners. In other words, this is just what you’ll instruct at whatsoever Ford showroom. And if you’ve got the coin for a brand-new Focus (it’s a steal at just P 1,099,000) together with to rent the Clark International Speedway for 12 hours, to a greater extent than or less, y'all tin replicate these results on your own.

The objective of this do is simple: to highlight the dissimilar capabilities together with attributes of the Focus TDCi. Everyone knows it’s got world-class driving dynamics, after all it’s won the Philippine Touring Car Championship (PTCC) a brace of times already). Everyone also knows it’s thirty pct to a greater extent than fuel efficient than other compact cars past times achieving 21 km/L inward the Department of Energy Economy Run together with doing 1,423 kilometers on a unmarried tank inward the Coast-to-Coast challenge. But what if y'all assay putting the treatment together with fuel economic scheme tests together? Now, there’s a challenge every bit the dynamics completely change. Remarkably, no 1 has attempted this earlier together with thence all sixteen participants volition live guinea pigs of some sort.

Thankfully, the conditions cooperated at the Clark International Speedway on the hateful solar daytime of the endurance challenge. It was the commencement calendar week of June, but it didn’t experience similar rainy flavor at all every bit it was blistering hot on the race track. The 2 sedans together with 2 hatchbacks were prepared the black earlier to permit all the fluids together with tire pull per unit of measurement area settle properly. After a quick inspection of the vehicles together with a lastly topping off, the race was off. And it’s going to instruct on for the adjacent 12 hours.

Our team’s approach to this race was fairly simple: knowing quite good that each 1 of us had his ain strength; nosotros decided to capitalize on that past times doing a sprint, conserve, balance, sprint combination.

With Eggay in all likelihood having the most circuit driving experience alongside us, nosotros elected for him to start off past times putting inward some competitive lap times together with putting fuel economic scheme on the backburner. Thanks to his ultra-smooth manner of driving, our squad was inward the Pb past times the terminate of the commencement hour. Putting inward around 23 laps, Eggay eked out 15.38 km/L. Being non together with thence familiar with circuit racing, I decided to concentrate on producing fuel-efficient laps. Going at a steady 45-80 km/h around the circuit, in that place was fiddling demand to press downwards on the middle pedal. Simply using the mechanical travelling pocket provided past times the Focus’s all-around independent suspension, the fuel economic scheme meter read 17.54 km/L an threescore minutes later. Though nosotros dropped 2 laps over the leaders on the 3rd hour, nosotros were doing extremely well. Come Brian’s turn, he was able to convey downwards the consumption farther to 18.18 km/L when problems struck our Focus TDCi. Brian all of a abrupt lost drive at the corkscrew department of the speedway together with had to telephone telephone inward for assistance. Apparently, something came unloose inward the transmission. After a brace of twisty ties nosotros were cook to go, but nosotros lost 26 minutes together with were at nowadays eleven laps down. We could have got quit the race together with elected to banking concern jibe into the hotel early, but nosotros decided to grapple on. After all, nosotros didn’t aid nigh the prize—our prides were at stake here. The commencement circular of drivers ended with Ira behind the wheel. With something even together with thence non quite correct with the transmission (according to Ira, it was revving uncontrollably through some corners), our consumption dropped to 11.76 km/L.

As the hateful solar daytime wore on, some of the other teams were clearly losing their patience together with composure. Some were doing pretty manic lap times at the consummate expense of fuel economy. There were already some ‘dirty’ overtaking moves on the far side of the traffic. Some corners were cut, some cones were hitting together with some tempers flared. Despite losing both the Pb inward damage of laps completed together with fuel consumed, nosotros didn’t waiver from our strategy at all. We were determined to goal the entire 12 hours, inward the same sprint, conserve, balanced, sprint strategy. Concentrating merely on the labor at hand, Eggay 1 time once to a greater extent than provided some sprinting laps together with every bit a result, recovered 2 laps past times 2 inward the afternoon. His average fuel consumption of 14.92 km/L was bettered past times me to 16.94 km/L past times the terminate of my stint. By the terminate of our 2d stints behind the wheel, it was clear: nosotros were even together with thence inward the running. As long every bit nosotros raced against ourselves together with to our strategy, nosotros tin even together with thence live inward the hunt. However, with 3 hours to go, nosotros opted to build upward for lost laps. Figuring that the setting Sun may hamper the other teams, nosotros pushed our Focus. At the terminate of the 12 hours, most, if non all the teams had tanks running almost dry out together with completed to a greater extent than than 600 kilometers or nigh 175 laps.

So did our strategy work? At the terminate of the 12 hours, our squad completed 728.2 kilometers, that’s compared to the leading team’s 758.3 or seven laps down. We truly made upward 4 laps, no bad at all. As for fuel consumption, because of nosotros pushed towards the latter piece of employment of the day, our overall mileage was a relatively adept 14.61 km/L. Compared to eventual winners, Team 1, they did 17.31 km/L. Suffice to say, nosotros didn’t fare likewise well; ending upward 4th inward a grid of 4 cars. Still, the battle was closer than anyone thought. The reason? Thanks to our smoother driving, nosotros knocked downwards just 1 traffic cone inward the entire 12 hours, compared to Team 3’s xiii cones!

Though nosotros didn’t win the commencement Ford Focus TDCi, what’s to a greater extent than of import is the squad camaraderie that our squad showed. After the long day’s racing, flowing nutrient together with drinkable followed. Despite non lifting the trophy, what’s to a greater extent than of import is nosotros all had a nail together with a adept fourth dimension driving Ford’s oft overlooked compact automobile offering.

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Car First Drive: 2012 Bmw 116I Urban In Addition To 118D Sport Features & Specifications

Photos past times Ulysses Ang
2012 Bmw 116I - It's as if everything conspired to brand the day's drive difficult: the heavens opened upwards in addition to the traffic was horrendous. Yet, for all the troubles nosotros faced that day, past times the cease of it, in that location was a full general consensus that the all-new BMW 1 Series is i special automobile. Rarely does a automobile show itself piece stuck inward traffic, but that's precisely what this premium hatchback did. For a minute, you lot tin forget that the BMW 1 Series's "dual personality" stood for the Urban in addition to Sport business in addition to instead, label it as as capable whether at speed or at rest.

Gazing upon the BMW 1 Series parked at the drive's starting point, you lot can't aid but pinpoint the several corporate pattern cues introduce on this car. From the vii Series-like arrow shaped headlamps to the large, upright kidney grille from the Z4, there's no mistaking that the 1 Series is a BMW through in addition to through. Some may tell that the canvas metallic is polarizing to the eye, but whatever you lot intend of it, it's sure enough to a greater extent than beautiful inward individual than inward photographs; you lot cannot appreciate the virtually non-existent overhangs, the subtle play of curves, the razor-thin side mirror indicators (the get-go for BMW) in addition to fifty-fifty the highly complex light clusters. Indeed, the BMW 1 Series is a detail-obsessed macho machine whatever which agency you lot topographic point it.

The head-turning looks of the 1 Series is juxtaposed past times the availability of 2 distinct model lines which transform the personality of the automobile past times playing on item changes, some of which are subtle to all but the really observant. On i mitt is the Urban: the to a greater extent than mature, to a greater extent than luxurious of the 2 lines which features to a greater extent than brightwork (but non chrome) within in addition to out from the grille to the bumpers to fifty-fifty the dashboard itself. On the other mitt is the Sport: the spunkier, to a greater extent than dynamic sibling which trades the matte aluminum trim pieces for high-gloss dark ones in addition to rides on larger alloy wheels.

The 1 Series's interplay of curves in addition to lines larn inward expect to a greater extent than compact than it genuinely is. In reality, it's genuinely a total 85 millimeters longer in addition to 17 millimeters wider than the model it replaces. These may seem minuscule, but considering that a total xxx millimeters went to the wheelbase (21 millimeters to raise department alone), the all-new 1 Series answers the only criticism leveled at its predecessor: the lack of interior room. The 1 Series yet isn't a five Series within but at to the lowest degree there's to a greater extent than than ample room for everyone fifty-fifty for those long distance drives (including this i to Tagaytay).

Starting off from the backseat (there were 3 people to a car), the most noticeable divergence alongside the all-new 1 Series is how there's much to a greater extent than leg room than before. Even the raise seats are highly supportive in addition to in that location are fifty-fifty aircon vents this fourth dimension around. Pretty impressive stuff. As the convoy moved along, the side past times side matter you lot notice is how good it rides. The previous 1 Series was a groovy handler, but it sacrificed everything else; non thence alongside this one. The jitteriness is gone in addition to it's been replaced past times a serene ride that's perfectly balanced in addition to fully deserving of the blue-and-white propeller badge. It is pretty tranquillity too: conversations inward a higher house 130 km/h didn't direct maintain to endure shouting matches.

As the grouping of 1 Series reached the get-go pit stop, it was fourth dimension to endeavour the forepart rider topographic point in addition to the novel iDrive system. Having sampled the single-wheel, four-directional iDrive from before, it's clear how the novel interface feels much to a greater extent than user-friendly. The free-standing shroud is a joy to expect at in addition to fifty-fifty to a greater extent than joyful to use. You tin channel your inner Captain Kirk easily alongside the novel iDrive's array of shortcuts in addition to favorite buttons. There's piffling involve to fumble through the menus in addition to controls as everything feels good designed in addition to intuitive. And despite beingness an entry-level Bimmer, the good organization is zip to sneeze at either. The BMW Professional organization is a high-fidelity good fan's dream summation it tin forthwith play your favorite tunes inward a broad gain of formats from compact discs to USB in addition to fifty-fifty iPod.

After spending two-thirds of the drive riding shotgun or inward the backseat, it's in conclusion fourth dimension to touching the most of import topographic point of all: the driver's. Settling into the body-hugging seat, the 1 Series offers a broad gain of adjustments for the perfect driving position. And despite the dizzying release of adjustment permutations, you lot tin abide by the perfect driving topographic point inward less fourth dimension than it takes for you lot to necktie your shoes.

The get-go driving stint was done behind the bicycle of the 118d Sport. Despite the "d" suffix, it's no slouch. This next-generation diesel fuel features BMW's novel TwinPower turbo engineering scientific discipline in addition to magnetic-valve straight injection. All inward all, it has 143 horsepower in addition to 320 Nm of torque, making curt piece of employment of the climb upwards Tagaytay. BMW quotes a 0-100 km/h fourth dimension of 8.9 seconds, but it felt faster than that. Coupled alongside the segment's get-go in addition to only 8-speed automatic, the 118d was able to maximize its broad might band in addition to brand overtaking easy.

The novel 1 Series's chassis is also i of the industry's best. The torso itself is made from high-tensile steel for fantabulous rigidity in addition to a lighter curb weight. And in addition to thence wrapped roughly this torso is a multitude of systems that force the treatment envelope fifty-fifty further. First is the electromechanical might steering that provides precise in addition to linear feedback of the road. And then, add together to that a perfect 50/50 weight distribution as good as all-around independent interruption in addition to you lot cease upwards alongside a fun-to-drive car. Even alongside the torrential rains, it is fairly slow to force the 1 Series because of the multitude of touchstone driving aids such as Dynamic Stability Control, Dynamic Traction Control in addition to Corner Brake Assist.

After a hefty tiffin in addition to some lifestyle activities, it is in addition to thence fourth dimension to endeavour out the entry-level 116i. Only available inward Urban guise, the 116i gives upwards some horsepower in addition to torque (136 horsepower, 220 Nm) to the 118d, but it's yet a groovy drive. Again, similar the 118d, TwinPower turbo equipped engine feels faster than it's 9.1 2d 0-100 km/h suggests. There's initial turbo lag but i time the turbo does kicking in, it accelerates similar a rocket. Like the 118d, the 116i is equipped alongside an 8-speed automatic.

Before you lot come upwards to the conclusion that the 1 Series is a one-trick steal rocket, it's as efficient as it's fun in addition to fast. Both engine variants are equipped alongside BMW's EfficientDynamics technology. This engineering scientific discipline bundle includes brake liberate energy regeneration, an automatic engine start/stop component (quite discomforting inward the 118d) in addition to a switchable driving manner that facilitates an economical driving style. This mode, dubbed ECO PRO tin trim fuel consumption past times upwards to twenty percent. It does thence past times optimizing everything from pedal response to gear shift pattern to fifty-fifty the air-conditioning system. The bonus kilometers are fifty-fifty shown on the multiple-function display for posterity's sake.

After the day's drive, it's clear that the all-new BMW 1 Series isn't for everyone. With a starting cost of P 2.290-million for the 116i Urban to P2.690-million for the 118d Sport, the 1 Series isn't affordable. But for those inward a marketplace topographic point that desires a automobile that creates that perfect residuum betwixt sporty in addition to sophistication, fast in addition to frugality, compact yet roomy, the BMW 1 Series is the perfect choice. Whatever you lot choose, endure Urban or Sport, the 1 Series is a will to a really personal, really informed choice making it i of best decisions you'll brand inward a lifetime.

Car Review - Green Amongst Envy: Ford Takes Pb Inward In-Car Light-Green Technology

Photos past times Ulysses Ang
The tides for sure accept turned—it’s this singular idea that raced inwards my heed after turning on the TV.  A few seconds of a generic daytime lather turned into a bombardment of ads; after all, what would you lot await from the state of consumerism?  The ads for Cialis too Robitussin were slow to ignore, but the ones from Ford weren’t.  It’s the form of auto advertizement I wasn’t accustomed to: quoting gasoline mileage too maintenance cost over horsepower too torque.  The US fiscal meltdown was for sure a factor, but moreover, it’s the overall alter inwards corporate social responsibleness that’s fueling this newfound light-green initiative.  And auto companies similar Ford are taking the lead.

Flexibility is a Start

The engineering scientific discipline behind flexible fuel vehicles or FFVs is zero new.  Henry Ford advocated the purpose of ethanol as a substitute for gasoline early on; a fact beingness that the kickoff commercially available flex fuel vehicle was the 1908 Ford Model T.  Basically, a flex fuel vehicle allows gasoline, a plant-derived alcohol (usually ethanol or methanol, but colloquially summed upward as bio-fuel), or a combination of both to burn downwards together inwards the combustion chamber.  The purpose of ethanol fuel lessens the dependence on non-renewable sources of fuel such as gasoline.  However, since crude oil was cheaper to produce, gasoline prevailed until the 1973 crude oil crisis when the basis i time once to a greater extent than took unwrap of ethanol.

Nowadays, aside from lessening the world’s dependence on oil, the purpose of flex fuel also improves air quality.  In addition, on the manufacturing side, there’s petty change needed inwards a vehicle to arrive a flex fuel capable.  In closed to cases, the cost per vehicle is fairly minimal—around US$100-US$200 ( P 5,000-P 10,000).  For auto owners, the beauty alongside flex fuel vehicles is that there’s petty to distinguish it from a non-flex fuel vehicle apart from the badges.  It has identical surgical operation too maintenance relieve for flex fuel vehicles having slightly poorer fuel mileage.

Ford was the kickoff companionship to answer the US government’s telephone telephone to develop cars to run on bio-fuels means dorsum inwards 1981 alongside the Escort.  Since then, they’ve led the way, producing 250,000 E85-capable (85 pct ethanol, fifteen pct gasoline) per year.  Currently, vehicles such as the Ford Expedition, Explorer too Club Wagon are E85 capable, piece the Focus too Escape are E20-capable.

Boosting Power too Efficiency

Aside from developing flex fuel vehicles, Ford is accelerating its programme to create to a greater extent than fuel-efficient vehicles.  As such, they are investing heavily inwards novel engine engineering scientific discipline headlined past times EcoBoost.  The brief behind EcoBoost is simple: develop a to a greater extent than fuel efficient drivetrain without compromising performance.  125 patents later, the results are zero brusk of impressive: to a greater extent than powerfulness too torque alongside xx pct improve fuel economic scheme too fifteen pct lesser carbon dioxide emissions.
The EcoBoost engines start its life as a regular Duratec engine treated alongside a special thermal spray to grip the high fuel pressures; after which, ii turbochargers are installed providing 12 PSI of boost.  And surprisingly, through the purpose of direct injection technology, the EcoBoost tin run on exactly regular fuel (89 octanes)!

Testing a fleet of EcoBoost powered vehicles similar the Taurus SHO too the Lincoln MKT at Ford’s Dearborn Development Center; I came out impressed alongside this slice of environmentally too enthusiast friendly technology.  The most noticeable affair alongside the EcoBoost is the lack of lag commonly associated alongside turbocharged engines.  At total throttle, there’s tremendous amount of torque which digs you lot into the seatbacks at almost every rpm upward to its redline.  The snarling banknote is as addictive too, particularly as the speeds laid upward up.  For kicks, I cruised on a minute lap to bear witness EcoBoost’s real-world performance.  It’s every flake as smoothen too refined as a leading European drivetrain.

Ford believes that EcoBoost is a much to a greater extent than affordable too versatile solution compared to hybrids because of the technology’s simplicity.  For instance, there’s no require to acquit additional weight because of the batteries or the electrical motor.  Ford is hedging their bets on EcoBoost that they’re rolling out an entire draw of engines that started alongside the 3.5-liter V6 (365 bhp, 495 Nm) inwards the Taurus SHO.  The 2012 Ford Focus volition teach a 1.6-liter inline-4 practiced for 180 bhp too 244 Nm too their novel C/D-segment auto volition make goodness from a 2.0-liter alongside 200 bhp too 300 Nm.  It’s fifty-fifty rumored that the Shelby GT500 volition teach an engine codenamed “Road Runner”—a 5.0-liter V8 EcoBoost engine alongside to a greater extent than than 500 bhp.

Electric is In (Again)

Little introduction is needed virtually gasoline-electric hybrid technology.  It was too notwithstanding is a stunning slice of automotive engineering scientific discipline popularized past times the Toyota Prius.  Ford, seeing the potential of this fuel saving engineering scientific discipline got into the deed as shortly as possible too entered alongside a patent sharing understanding alongside Toyota inwards 2004.  The kickoff fruit of this understanding was also the kickoff hybrid sport utility vehicle—the Escape Hybrid.  However, Ford went a measuring farther past times making the Escape Hybrid a flexible fuel vehicle, capable of running on E85.  Since then, Ford has introduced other hybrid vehicles including the Motor Trend too North American Car of the Year, the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Though Ford sees EcoBoost as an splendid brusk term solution to improve efficiency too cut back CO2 emissions, Ford also sees how hybrid cars alongside plug-in capability tin drastically cut back emissions fifty-fifty further.  Ford is at nowadays examining how plug-in hybrids tin interact alongside the entire electrical grid.  They promise that i day, plug-in hybrids volition non only describe powerfulness from the electrical grid, but volition hold out able to top on excess powerfulness dorsum to the grid.  Currently, Ford is experimenting on this concept past times converting a fleet of its Ford Escape Hybrid into plug-in hybrids.  This revised Escape tin at nowadays drive upward to 48 kilometers purely on battery powerfulness alone, piece its effects on the powerfulness grid is beingness studied past times Southern California Edison Corporation.

Ford also experimented on pure electrical vehicles alongside the Think City auto kickoff too so a fleet of Ranger EVs for the US postal service. The Ford Focus RV volition accept a attain of virtually 160 kilometers too tin hold out charged on a measure 110-volt draw of piece of work solid outlet.

The Cleanest of Them All

Sharp-eyed James Bond fans volition forthwith spot a fleet of hydrogen-powered Edge inwards the movie, Quantum of Solace.  At the time, most idea of them as only stickered versions of the regular Edge, but that’s far from the truth.  In reality, these Ford Edge are powered past times Ford’s HySeries Drive which is a hydrogen fuel cell-electric vehicle hybrid.  It’s the latest inwards a draw of experimental vehicles developed past times Ford to run on hydrogen.

The same Edge HySeries albeit alongside a dissimilar paintjob was made available for the media to drive.  Starting on hydrogen power, this experimental Edge forthwith sounded something direct out of a scientific discipline fiction movie.  It’s completely placidity at idle too i time the speeds laid upward up, it’s replaced past times the unmistakable purr of an electrical powerfulness too zero more.  It’s mighty fast too, reaching upward to 100 km/h inwards no time.  And alongside a touching of a button, the Edge HySeries tin switch to stored electrical loose energy inwards its lithium-ion batteries.  The switch sequence required a duet of seconds, but was unobtrusive relieve for closed to dash indicators.

Hydrogen is said to hold out the fuel of the hereafter because of its natural abundance as good as its cleanliness.  The term ‘fuel cell’ comes from the electrochemical prison theater cellular telephone inwards the fuel tank that produces the electricity.  Power is generated through a reaction triggered inwards the presence of an electrolyte betwixt the fuel (hydrogen) too an oxidant (oxygen from the air).  The reactants menstruum into the prison theater cellular telephone too the by-products (water vapor) flows out of it.

Unlike conventional batteries that purpose stored electrical energy, hydrogen fuel cells eat reactants from an external source.  This presents a huge challenge for hydrogen fuel prison theater cellular telephone vehicles because of the require of novel refueling infrastructure.  In fact, the Obama Administration cutting off funds for the evolution of fuel prison theater cellular telephone vehicles because they don’t encounter hydrogen fuel prison theater cellular telephone vehicles to hold out practical inwards the adjacent 10-20 years.

However, this hasn’t stopped Ford from demonstrating hydrogen fuel prison theater cellular telephone vehicles.  They encounter the benefits of fuel prison theater cellular telephone vehicles inwards reducing air pollution as good as audio pollution, alongside favorable impacts upon respiratory wellness as well.  As early as 2006, Ford demonstrated its fuel prison theater cellular telephone engineering scientific discipline alongside a 174 horsepower Explorer alongside a hydrogen fuel prison theater cellular telephone capable of traveling 563 kilometers—the farthest for a fuel prison theater cellular telephone vehicle so far.

Clean too Green

Ford Motor Company, i time a poster nipper for conspicuous fuel consumption has turned 180 degrees too is at nowadays at the forefront of the fuel efficiency game.  It’s the most fuel-efficient American auto companionship alongside thirteen vehicles having a fuel mileage of 12.75 km/L or better.  And this is exactly the start.

They accept exactly announced that it volition accelerate plans to create to a greater extent than fuel-efficient vehicles, converting 3 truck too SUV plants for modest auto production.  For example, the Ford Fiesta—once a European only subcompact auto is at nowadays available for the North American too Asia-Pacific markets.  At the most extreme terminate is the Fiesta ECOnetic which achieves 27.03 km/L inwards European tests.  But fifty-fifty the to a greater extent than regular versions of the Fiesta tin hand splendid mileage thank you lot to the purpose of engineering scientific discipline such as PowerShift—the 6-speed dual clutch automatic.  Ford is also using advanced aerodynamic aids such as active engine shutters on hereafter models similar the 2012 Focus which volition improve its fuel mileage fifty-fifty further.  Ford is also challenging the adjacent generation of auto designers from several universities to come upward out alongside their auto of the future: a simple, durable, lightweight too fuel-efficient vehicle alongside a target cost of exactly US$ 7,000 ( P 350,000).  The resulting auto is for sure a lid tip to the i that started it all over a century ago: the 2015 Model T Concept.